This is no ordinary place, It will amaze you every time you enter with its luxurious décor and magnificent ambience. Take a look at the pictures if you don’t believe me. Have your taste buds gone to sleep? do you want reclaim control over them? This place is for you if you like alcohol with your food. It is located near churchgate station and I had no doubts about the crowd that visits this place.You want to go out on a romantic date? Want to enjoy the upcoming T20 worldcup ? Want a peaceful place to eat your food? The menu card is filled with mouth watering dishes and the waiters are polite enough to realise the fact that you are going to want everything and will take some time to decide. I would suggest this place to anyone,it serves top class food with loads of variety and offcourse the drinks. Cheers to the management at Mockingbird, I had a nice time. Will surely visit again.

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